Saturday, 2 July 2011

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Hi friends,

This morning I had the wonderful privilege of being part of Prayer on the Square (POTS).

POTS is where a team from MFC meets up for worship and prayer before heading down to Chatham High Street to erect a gazebo along with a couple of signs offering prayer & healing to those walking past us.

Rob Schulz, Kate and Paula from The River (a local church in Gillingham) joined us for the first time as they are prayerfully considering adopting a similar model of outreach for their local area - It was great to have some like minded folk with us and it was encouraging to see their faith in action as they stepped out in love to those around them.

We had many great conversations, many people were prayed for and there was a real sense of people being engaged with the 'good news' of the Gospel.

The highlight of the day for me was a young man that approached Lena Perry. He was a Scottish lad that was serving in the army (I think he was based at Chatham Barracks) and was due to be posted out to Afghanistan in approx 12 weeks time. He was full of fear for what lay ahead of him! Lena and a couple of the team took their time in listening, offering Godly advice, affirming him in his duties as a soldier and prayed Gods perfect love into all of the areas where he was experiencing fear. They then gave him the good news of the Gospel and he responded there and then and joyfully gave his life to God! - Thank you Jesus!

It was a great morning and there are many more stories of God revealing His love to people as they opened up to the possibility that there is a God that cares, a God that loves and a God that understands!

It's such a privilege to step into the gap and introduce the King of kings!

Be encouraged! :)